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Dear Woman.

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Is this You?

You’re a go-getter, a trailblazer, a woman on the rise, and you're ready to invest in your own growth.

You're at the helm of a Female-Led or Female-Centered Organization and you're all in, ready to achieve more for yourself, your team, and your organization.

You experienced trauma that has left you feeling disconnected from your body, your true self and your essence.

You've already dipped your toes into coaching, therapy, or other healing modalities, but you're looking for something...more?

Maybe you are looking for space that is curated to nourish you, empower you and make you laugh! A place where you feel safe to drop your armor for a little while and be tended to.

Or perhaps your are looking for someone dedicated to holding sacred space for you to reclaim your body as you own, reclaim her voice and amplify it for impact without burning out.

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But right now, you might be feeling a bit lost.

You experienced trauma and you have lost touch with your body, your identity, your truth. You might feel like you're living a life that's in pieces, and you're yearning to feel safe and whole again, to live a life that's fully present.

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Or you might be feeling confused

You're living a life that's filled with "shoulds",

a life that's out of sync with your true core values and essence, and it's leaving you feeling burnt out.

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Or you are feeling stuck

You feel trapped and prepared to alter disempowering thoughts, behaviors, and habits. An inner voice is reminding you that you are destined for something more meaningful, yet you are uncertain where to begin to heed that call.

That's where I come in!

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Hi, I'm Emefa!

My mission is to create a global movement on Embodied Healing. For the female leader who feels lost, stuck and confused after experiencing trauma, I exist to hold sacred space for her to reclaim her body as her own, reclaim her voice and amplify it for impact without burning out.

At my core, I am a Healer hailing from the Ewe Tribe of Ghana, West Africa. As a coach and embodiment facilitator, I draw on my Ghanaian lineage, my personal experience as a trauma survivor and professional training to guide women through an integrated embodiment coaching process bringing about real and lasting change. What that looks like is serving as a Women's Life & Business Coach with focus on Healing and Leading through Embodiment

You can learn more all about me here, and I cannot wait to hear from you!

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Soul Offerings

1:1 Coaching - Reclaim Yourself

As my signature program, this 6-month program is designed to help you to move past the disconnection and unfulfillment that you feel so you can reclaim your body as your own, reclaim your voice and power, and amplify it for impact, without burning out.

Women Working Together

Corporate Group Coaching

Embodied Leadership is is an 8-12 week program designed for Female Led & Female Centered Organizations to support them in learning to lead at a deeper, more fundamental level, brings together language, action, feeling and meaning and is based on the idea that the mind and body are inextricably linked: to develop one, you must cultivate the other.

Workshop & Retreat Facilitation

Creating, holding and activating sacred and delicate spaces that are inclusive, intentional, and ultimately transformative is a superpower of mine. Whether you are looking to attend the next event or are looking to bring this your next intimate gathering, to a group or to your organization

Breathwork & Sound Healing Sessions

Imagine stepping into a sanctuary meticulously crafted to nourish your soul, ignite your inner fire, and leave you brimming with laughter. Welcome to Breathwork Healing Sessions, where safety and tenderness envelop you, allowing you to shed your armor and be authentically you.

Speaking Engagements

Signature Topics Include:

  • Prioritizing Mental Wealth in the Workplace, Wellness,
  • Self-care for Trauma Survivors
  • Powerful Practices for the Mindful and Resilient Leader
  • What Does it Mean to Inhabit Yourself?

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Allow Me to Walk this Path with You

In the spirit of trust, let me share two compelling reasons why you should choose me as your guide on this transformative journey:

As a certified Life & Business Coach, I bring both expertise and personal experience to guide you on this life-changing journey.

But even more importantly, I've been where you are. I've faced my own share of hardships and trauma, and I've embarked on a journey of self-reclamation to become the Embodied Woman I am today. My own experiences have equipped me with the empathy and understanding to hold space for others and their deepest struggles.

I make it a priority to ensure sure that the training I receive is some of the best in the field because strategy and skill are just as important as intuition and wisdom. I put it all together to provide the best results for my clients.

Brought together, I’ve got the experience and expertise to help you reclaim your body, reclaim your purpose and reclaim your life so you can live in alignment with your truest self.


trauma informed coaching

Breathwork for Coaching

Emotional Freedom Technique for Coaching

Neuro Linguistic Programming for Coaching

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