Welcome Home,

Dear Woman.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

- Mary Oliver

I dedicate my medicine

to the seekers and the seers:

The Mystics,

who dance with the unseen.

The Story-Weavers,

embroidering tales that blanket us in wonder.

The Healers,

whose touch quiets the deepest ache like a healing balm.

The Nurturers,

cradling hope with gentle strength.

The Bold Women,

leading with a different rhythm, with courage and being-ness as their compasses.

The Changemakers,

stitching new patterns into the fabric of society.

Those whose souls are yearning to thread sacred moments into their daily lives,

as they navigate the waters of leadership and healership.

Those standing at the dawn of reclamation,

ready to step into their full sovereignty.

The brave ones, eager to live out loud,

to savor and shape their one wild and precious life .

Female silhouette radiating light from within a spiritual heart opening

You can feel it in your bones and your very being that you are part of the purposeful architects of our shared awakening and collective flourishing.

But right now...

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You might be feeling lost

You have lost touch with your body, your identity, your truth. You might feel like you're living a life that's in pieces, and you're yearning to feel safe and whole again, to live a life that's fully present.

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Or you might be feeling confused

You're living a life that's filled with "shoulds", a life that's out of sync with your true core values and essences. One that is based on other’s expectations, and it's leaving you feeling burnt out.

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Or you are feeling stuck

You feel trapped and prepared to alter disempowering thoughts, behaviors, and habits. An inner voice is reminding you that you are destined for something more meaningful, yet you are uncertain where to begin to heed that call.

That’s where I come in!

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Hi, I'm Emefa!

My mission is to create a global movement on Embodied Healing. For the woman who is here to do and big things, I exist to hold sacred space for her to reclaim her body as her own, reclaim her voice and amplify it for impact without burning out.

At my core, I am a Medicine Woman and Priestess hailing from the Ewe Tribe of Ghana, West Africa. As a coach and embodiment facilitator, I draw on my Ghanaian lineage, my personal experience as a trauma survivor and professional training to guide women through an integrated embodiment coaching process bringing about real and lasting change. What that looks like is serving as a Women's Life & Business Coach with focus on Healing and Leading through Embodiment

You can learn more all about me here, and I cannot wait to hear from you!

In their Own Words

"Before coaching, I felt lost and overwhelmed; navigating my entrepreneurial dreams felt impossible. After working with Emefa, I discovered that a calling can come in various forms. This was the first step towards my transformation!"


How Can We Work Together?

Inhabit Yourself 1:1 Offering

A deepening 6-month container curated to help you overcome disconnection and unfulfillment, reclaim your body, voice, and power, and amplify it for impact while weaving sacred practices into your daily life so you can fully in habit your one wild and precious life.

Workshop & Retreat Facilitation

Creating, holding and activating sacred and delicate spaces that are inclusive, intentional, and ultimately transformative is a superpower of mine. Whether you are looking to attend the next event or are looking to bring this to your next intimate gathering, to a group or to your organization

Breathwork & Sound Healing Sessions

Welcome to the space where safety and tenderness envelop you, allowing you to shed your armor and be authentically you. A sanctuary meticulously crafted to nourish your soul, ignite your inner fire, and leave you brimming with laughter.

Why Allow me to Walk this Journey with You?

Expertise and Personal Experience:

As a certified Life & Business Coach, I bring both professional expertise and personal experience to the table. My own journey of self-reclamation has taught me valuable lessons that I can use to guide you on your own transformative path.

Empathy and Understanding:

Having saved my own share of hardships and trauma, I understand the importance of holding space for others and their struggles. My empathy and understanding of the human experience will help you feel supported and heard throughout your journey.

Weaving Intuition and Strategy

The Yin and the Yang. The Masculine and the Feminine -these are the strategies that I am using to build my own business and help clients as well to build values aligned businesses so they can make an income and an impact.

Invaluable Resource for Corporate Clients:

I have had the privilege of working with esteemed corporate clients such as Girl Scouts of North East Texas, Black Women in Non-Profit Leadership cohort and the Women Empowering Nation's GLOW Global Cohort. My expertise in corporate coaching, combined with my understanding of healing and embodiment, makes me an invaluable resource for corporate clients seeking transformative leadership and holistic growth.

Commitment to Excellence:

I make it a priority to ensure that the training I receive is some of the best in the field. I believe that strategy and skill are just as important as intuition and wisdom, and I use all my resources to provide the best results for my clients.

In their Own Words

“Emefa is a brilliant and gifted coach and guide. Her ability to hold space and help clients connect to the highest and best versions of themselves is unmatched. If you have the opportunity to work with her, take it!”

Michelle Kinder, Embody EQ

““Emefa has a natural gift for active listening. She takes in your emotions and thoughts and is able to internally process that input in a way that her response is both thoughtful and challenging, and focused and expanding. I also feel the safe space that she creates and her comforting nature gives me the confidence to speak from my heart. She does this in a way that is seamless and shows no effort, all while she is bringing her coaching experience and training to the table"

Jennifer Bartkowski, CEO, Girls Scouts of NE Texas


trauma informed coaching

Breathwork for Coaching

Emotional Freedom Technique for Coaching

Neuro Linguistic Programming for Coaching

Are You Ready,

Dear Woman?

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