Come Back Home You

I AM HERE TO delicate and sacred spaces for female leaders who are healing from trauma so they can reconnect with their bodies, reclaim their voice amplify it for impact without burning out

Leading You
Home to You

I am Here to Guide You in the Journey of Coming Back Home to Yourself so you can Reclaim the embodied Woman that You Already Are


reclaim your purpose


This Is Not Where You Thought You Would Be

Do Any of These Sound Familiar?


Did you disconnect from your body, your identity, and your truth and never felt safe to come back so you are living a fragmented life?


When you look at your life, does it feel like you are living a “should” life instead of a “want to” life that is in alignment with your true core values and essence?


Are you feeling stuck and something is calling out from inside of you reminding you that you were made for something more meaningful?

Hi, I'm Emefa - Been There, Done That...

Emefa Boamah, Certified Embodiment Coach

I understand how you feel. My passion for helping women come back home to themselves started from my own experience. For years I wanted more out of life, but I wasn’t even present in my body to know what that was. I disconnected from my body as a child due to trauma, and never felt safe to return to it. By all accounts, I was successful, an achiever and was making all the right moves. It seemed I was living someone else’s life and I was scared. I felt like my chance to live a great life was shrinking with each passing day.

But then everything changed when I reconnected with my body through embodiment practices. I studied, learned and consciously chose practices that continued to support me in reclaiming my body, purpose, and ultimately my life. With a coach by my side, I finally understood where I was stuck and what changes would make me unlock my truest essence. The difference in my life was so profound that I eventually became a certified coach and have been helping women do the same. Are you ready to join them? If so, it would be an honor to hold sacred space for you.

Signature Coaching Program

Leading You Home to You

My 12 week program was designed to help you (women and women- identifying folks) to move past the disconnection and unfulfillment that you feel so you can reclaim your body, your purpose and your life to become the Embodied Woman that  you have always been.

We’ll work together through every step, listening to the wisdom of your body and all the other facets of your being so you will be attuned with your truest self. We’ll replace all that confusion and stress with clarity and creativity and guide you towards the path leading you home to you. To learn all the details and apply for one of the few spots remaining, click the button below.

You Deserve to Live an Embodied Life



A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Your first step is to Click the button below to book your Complimentary Connection Call


Together, we’ll review where you are, where you want to be and co – create a proven plan to help you move from Disconnected to Embodied


As a client, we’ll work together to navigate the blocks and resistances that are keeping you from living in alignment with your truest essence

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