Ease into Spring

Women's Gathering

Restore. Reconnect. Replenish

Friday, March 31, 2023

6:00 pm - 9:00pm

The Douglas Studio, Dallas TX

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Hi, Friend!

Happy Women's History Month!

The theme for this year is Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories

And here is my question for you...

What story is your body, mind and soul telling? How different would it be if you...

  • Made space to pause and shifted into spring in a purposeful and feel-good way?

  • Were surrounded by like-minded and like-hearted women to offer you accountability and support, and celebrate the end of the month together?

  • Had an evening dedicated to being, resting, and reconnecting with yourself?

What to Expect

This is an intimate container of 10 women, filled with activities to nourish you, help you re-connect with yourself and enter spring from an empowered and clear space. Activities include:

  • A brief reflection of the last quarter with gratitude and reverence.
  • Meditation and Cacao Ceremony

  • Breathwork to get you present, grounded, and clear old programs and thoughts.

  • Dedicated connection time with others for story telling and to deepen relationship for community care
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What is Included in your Ticket

  • A wellness bag with surprise items for self-care

  • Cacao

  • Light Dinner and Beverages- tea, coffee, water

  • Yoga Mats, and blankets

Feel welcome to bring your yoga mats, blankets, and anything else that will support you throughout the night.

After this retreat, you will:

  • Shift into spring in a powerful, purposeful and feel -good way.

  • Come back home to yourself by reconnecting with your body, your mind, your heart, and your soul.

  • Experience community care by connecting with women who are walking the same, yet different journey of making an impact in the world
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Hi, I'm Emefa!

At my core, I am a Healer and Medicine Woman hailing from the Ewe Tribe of Ghana, West Africa.

What that looks like now is serving as an Embodiment Coach, Facilitator and Speaker. I am delighted to hold space for you during this journey and cannot wait to see you.

In the meantime, you can learn about me here, or contact me at emefa@emefaboamah.com

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