In Their Own Words,

My Clients are my Teachers

“Emefa is a brilliant and gifted coach and guide. Her ability to hold space and help clients connect to the highest and best versions of themselves is unmatched. If you have the opportunity to work with her, take it!”

Michelle Kinder, Embody EQ

““Emefa has a natural gift for active listening. She takes in your emotions and thoughts and is able to internally process that input in a way that her response is both thoughtful and challenging, and focused and expanding. I also feel the safe space that she creates and her comforting nature gives me the confidence to speak from my heart. She does this in a way that is seamless and shows no effort, all while she is bringing her coaching experience and training to the table"

Jennifer Bartkowski, CEO, Girls Scouts of NE Texas

"After Emefa took my team and I through our group coaching program, I feel more confident in myself as a leader, and know that my team is there when I need them."

Eboni Chopp, Director of Community Partnerships, Girl Scouts of NETx

““Emefa has the uncanny ability to connect and make you feel like you’ve known her for years. Her gentle approach and presence creates a safe space where you feel comfortable sharing and opening up. She actively listens and asks thoughtful questions, which allows for deep reflection and clarity to any situation. She is magical and has been here before. Trust her to lead you through the dark night of the soul - she is a brilliant light!”

Renita Joyce, Principal

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